Moms and Tots Power Hour

Moms and Tots Power Hour is an hour plus of free, action-packed fun for moms and tots.  Each week, instructors present a new theme with coinciding stories, games, songs, and crafts!  Kids will learn and grow, while moms will have a chance to talk, compare notes, and give encouragement to each other.  A light snack is provided. There is no charge for this program courtesy of Northdale Lutheran Church and School.

Power Hour is designed for children from 18 months through 4 years of age.  Babies are welcome for moms who have eligible children.

Mary Mosakowski is our Moms and Tots leader.  Angel Allan serves as her assistant.  Both Mary and Angel are mothers of large families (5 and 4 children respectively) and  have been involved with our Moms and Tots program for many years.  We are thankful for the great and wonderful job that they do

We will be beginning a new Moms and Tots session on February 11 and continue for 8 sessions until April 7.  You can register for that section by clicking on this link:  Moms and Tots Spring 2020

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