Welcome to Northdale Lutheran School in Tampa, FL.  We are a 4 year old preschool (VPK) - 8th grade private, Christian school, fully accredited by the National Council of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). Established in 2000, Northdale has been providing a Christian, college preparatory education to its scholars for 20 years. Located in Hillsborough County and nestled in the quiet community of Greater Northdale while still just minutes from Downtown Tampa, Northdale serves a diverse student body.

Throughout the day, the Word of God is applied and is the basis and guide for all learning and living.  Jesus taught us to "seek first the kingdom of God" (Matthew 6:33). Our program of Christian education is centered on this principle.  Your child will benefit from our education through daily exposure to the love of their Savior. That love will motivate them to make the most of their talents while demonstrating love and kindness to others.

Our school day includes:
  • Deep study and growth in God's Word
  • Rigorous, challenging, and adaptive lessons in Math, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Phonics, Spelling, Penmanship, Public Speaking, and Listening Skills) Social Studies, Science, and Technology
  • Attention to fine arts and health through Physical Education, Art, and Music classes
  • 21st Century Skills - Collaboration and Teamwork, Creativity and Imagination, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving

Mission Statement
Northdale Lutheran School exists to assist families by providing an excellent education in a safe, Christian environment.

  • It is our vision that families will grow spiritually as they are connected with God’s Word.
  • We also envision the educational growth of our students in preparation for levels of higher education.
  • Finally we envision that with God’s blessings we will see growth in Church membership, school enrollment, and the continuance of quality education.

The Christian education program of Northdale Lutheran School strives to provide for the complete educational welfare of each child, and to guide him or her in the maximum development of his or her spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical abilities. Parents and teachers must work together in their common goal of training God’s children to walk in His ways. The objectives of the school are as follows:
  • To provide daily opportunity to each child to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Savior through the diligent teaching of God’s Word.
  • To provide the best possible environment to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of each student.
  • To provide for the spiritual and earthly welfare of the child by means of complete Scriptural education, as well as teaching all secular subjects from the Christian viewpoint.
  • To teach children to faithfully use their time, talents, and treasures to glorify God, and to provide opportunities for service in a setting of Christian fellowship.
  • To offer assistance in Christian parenting for all families.
  • To equip children with the Word to carry out their God-given responsibility to make disciples of all nations.
  • To recognize individual differences among students and provide a stimulating learning environment in which they may grow according to their God-given ability.
  • To recognize the students’ emotional needs and to help them recognize their worth in Christ.
  • To set a clearly defined Code of Conduct and teach all students respect for rules and for the rights of others as God’s Word directs us.
  • To encourage continued parental involvement in the school’s affairs in order to fulfill its objectives.
Northdale Lutheran Church and School
15709 Mapledale Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33624
Phone: 813-961-9195
Email Principal Mattes: school@northdalelutheran.org